Frequently Asked Questions

Hands down, the birth of your baby is one of the biggest days of your life . You likely had a professional photographer for your wedding? You wanted to trust them to capture the journey of your special day and for your family & friends to be relaxed and present. Well, your birth is very much the same. You'll want your support people to be present and attentive to you, not on photo duty.  That's what we're here for.

Why should I get a birth photographer?

Having a birth photographer  will ensure that your birth story is told through powerful images of raw human emotion. It will give you the details that you might miss from your hospital bed. It allows your family to support you and not to worry about missing a moment. It ensures the little details are captured that someone less experienced might not think to photograph. It allows your support person to hold your hand and be fully present. The hours of labour and delivery will pass just quickly but your birth photographer will make sure you have the details of the day captured to relive for years to come.

What exactly will you be photographing at the birth?

The great thing is, is that you get to choose, I will tailor it to your preference. Some Mums want everything captured, full nudity, the crowning, the placenta, breastfeeding and some don't. During our consultation I will go over specific details of what you DO and DON'T want captured, it's your call. 

What if things get too intense?

You can't rattle me - I'm a birth photographer, and I've had two babies myself. Every women responds differently to birth and that's ok! You can't surprise me, scream, yell, swear, cry, go into the zone, vomit, beg for it to stop. Birth is intense and wonderful.

Will the images be flattering?

Although you may not feel your best, put on a few extra pregnancy kilos, curvy, a woman full with child... but bringing a new life into the world is one of the most incredible things a woman can do and I will do everything I can to capture you beautifully.  These aren't staged photos, or glamorous but I am intentional about composing my shots so they capture your best. The raw beauty of these photos will bring a (happy) tear to your eyes. 

Will my images remain private or do they have to be posted online?

Your images are just for you. It is entirely up to you who gets to see them. Some families are so delighted for us to share their special moments on our social media accounts, website and print materials and others would prefer some are kept private. After you've received all your images, we will request permission to share them. They will never appear anywhere unless you've consented.

What are the images like? 

All of our birth images are black and white. There is a lot of blood and many babies and mothers become quite blotchy on their face and body during birth so I like to keep our images consistent.

Will we meet before the birth?

Yes! I would love to meet with you and your partner and chat through any questions you may have. It's also a nice opportunity to get to know each other a little before your birth.

When do we call you?

I'm on call from 37 weeks. I ask our mums or support person to keep in touch via text if they feel like they're getting close. Its great to know if the hospital has been called and what your midwife is recommending.

Depending on which package you book, I'll then come to the hospital or your home and capture all the moments as they happen. I can’t ever 100% guarantee to capture everything – birth is so highly unpredictable and sometimes things outside of our control can stop us from getting to you on time.

What if I am booked in for a cesarean?

However your first hello happens, I can capture your unique story – which includes scheduled cesareans. Each hospital has a different policy in their operating theatres, but with prior consent, they are generally happy to accommodate a photographer along with your husband. 

What happens if my labour goes too long?

Again, it will depend on the package you choose. I will come and go as the midwife would. There are no timelines to birth so I am fully prepared for that. 

What if you miss the birth due to a quick delivery?

Yes, birth is highly unpredictable. And there are many factors that can contribute to me missing the actual birth. I will document everything I possibly from the moment I arrive to make sure you have some memories to treasure forever.

Do I need to talk to my doctor/midwife to see if they will allow a photographer?

YES! It is your responsibility to make sure your midwife AND the hospital will allow photography during your labour and delivery. You may be limited to the number of “support” people allowed with you. Please verify the official policies with your hospital. There are some doctors and midwives who would rather not be in any images and it is our duty to make sure images are cropped or blur in respect of their request.

Please note that if any unforeseen event occurs that requires treatment or urgent medical attention for you or your baby, or causes the planned delivery method to change (i.e., emergency C-section), I may be required to leave the delivery room for a period of time. But don’t worry! If this happens I will return to documenting your birth story as the medical staff directs us. Your safety and your child’s safety is the most important thing!

How much room do you need and what equipment do you bring?

Think about a fly on the wall. I'll make sure I stay out of the way of the medical team and allow you room to do what you need to do. I want to capture your birth journey as purely as I can. So it's just me and my camera. That is it.

There are times when lighting can be difficult due to dimly lit rooms so I may ask for permission to use my flash, if this is distracting, I will stop immediately. Keeping in mind, I am taking intentional photos, not continuous snapping. 

How old should a newborn be for a photo shoot? 

The optimal time for newborn photos is between 7 - 14 days after baby is born, when your baby is still really sleepy. If you miss this window, it's not too late, we can still capture some beautiful images of you and your baby after this window of time. 

Do you offer lifestyle shoots?

Yes, click here for my investment page.