Thanks for stopping by, I'm Emily. 

I have two beautiful little girls, my first born (on the left) was delivered in Christchurch Women's Hospital and my second (on the right) arrived at our family home, as planned. Both births were very different but they both came out healthy and beautiful - and I would do it all again. I'm so thankful my husband had his camera on hand to capture a few photos post birth (but I do wish we had some of the entire journey).

I love hearing birth stories! Giving birth is such a powerful (& painful) experience, and at the end you get the best gift ever, a wee miracle of life - your precious baby. Each birth experience is wonderfully unique and that's what I love about them.

I'm forever in awe of the women's bodies and the ability to grow a human inside of us, and then birth it out of us... WOW.

I reside in Ōtautahi Christchurch, New Zealand. My little family sparked my passion for photography, capturing special moments of them, as I know these years are busy and fleeting. 

I stumbled upon some birth photos one day and welled up with tears, the raw emotions in the images were so beautiful. It was then that the dream was ignited, that I wanted to capture the beauty of birth. 

People often spend thousands of dollars on their wedding day yet their birth is just as fleeting and changes your life forever. 

A family is birthed.

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