1. The Kiwi Nest Collab

    02 Feb 2022
    Last year I had the honour of collaborating with my fellow friend, pattern maker, seamstress, designer who dreamed up the most beautiful, bespoke kids clothing range. Carmel ‘takes the time to ensure your garments are designed and made well so they can be worn from season to season.’ I have…

  2. Kia ora Pia

    27 Sep 2021
    Pia Poppy Anne Peters Born: 02/07/2021 Christchurch Women’s Hospital How many weeks were you when you found out you were pregnant? 5 weeks. I suspected I was and booked a restaurant for the following evening. I took two tests in the morning and then went to work without telling Joel…

  3. Kia ora Ezra

    25 Aug 2021
    Ezra Whyle  Born: 5/7/2021 Weighing: 9.11 pounds Home Birth Let’s start with something light…Did you experience leg cramps in pregnancy? A few times, usually in bed after stretching. Ok, now let’s get in to it! Paint a picture for us - When did you know you were in labour